NBCMS, Uptown Folk Club, and Blueberry Bluegrass Festival Present: The Slocan Ramblers

  A bluegrass get together is planned for April 28.

The bluegrass club is co-hosting the Slocan Ramblers concert followed by a jam with the band at the Norwood Legion in Edmonton.

BUY your tickets online from the NBCMS website and get a reduced ticket price of $15. This price is not available at the door, but walk-ins are welcome for $20.



The Bluegrass club is collaborating with the Blueberry Bluegrass Festival and the Uptown Folk Club to present bluegrass influenced music. Sharing resources promises to ensure bluegrass concerts continue making their way to Edmonton.

Please join us to make this partnership a success.


When: April 28, 2018 , Doors open 7 pm    show starts at 8 pm

Where: The Norwood Legion, located at 11150 - 82 street, Edmonton.

What: Slocan Rambler's concert,  Dinner and wine & beer service available.