Mid-point Jam Camp

NBCMS Mid-Point Jam Camp


We're trying something new.  After many requests for a mid-year Jam camp, we're introducing the Mid-point Jam Camp


What: A Jam Camp!!!

When: May 7th - 8th, 2016.  Arrive 11:00am.

Where: Gull Lake Centre (Map)

Cost: $135.00 includes 3 meals, one night shared accommodation, snacks, coffee and tea. 

As an alternative, for those who will not be staying over:

The Mid-Point Jam Camp Drop-In rate is $70. That will cover your lunch & Supper 

and facility rental for the day. We would like to maintain the Jam Camp 

experience of community and request that participants arrive near the start time 

of noon on Saturday, you are welcome to stay as late as your fingers and voice 

will allow.



Register here

Pay via Paypal


What to Bring

Download the PDF


Driving Instructions:

Driving From Calgary

If Northbound on Highway 2, turn WEST on Highway 12 (Bentley exit) and drive for 10km to Junction 792 (Lincoln Road). Turn NORTH (right) and drive for 5 km to McLaurin Lane. Turn left and follow the signs!


Driving From Edmonton

If south-bound on Highway 2, turn WEST on Highway 53 (Rimbey Exit) and drive for 20km to Junction 792 (Lincoln Road). There is a school and gas station on this corner. Turn SOUTH (left) and drive for 19 km to McLaurin Lane. Turn right and follow the signs!






Please check-in around 11am on Saturday May 7th.

You name tag, and room assignment will be waiting.

Lunch is at Noon with a Meet & Greet to follow.


  •        Your instrument (s). Bring as many as you can use for jamming.
  •        Music stand, tuner, pencil & paper. Optional.
  •        A pillow & sleeping bag or bedding. Clean, comfortable beds are provided but without bedding. Beds have a night table for belongs to be stored.
  •        A towel & personal toiletries. Shared washrooms have several shower stalls each. Washrooms are designated men or women.  There are plug ins for razors and blow dryers.
  •        Ear plugs. ( if required)
  •        Pair of indoor shoes in case the weather is wet.
  •        A travel mug. ( just a suggestion )
  •        Your song book. Camp is a great place to try out your songs and to collect songs you would like to learn. Songbooks are handy at the circle.
  •        Extra strings, picks and capos.



Please contact me if there is something you wish to bring but are unsure. Anna 780-718-3070


The Gull Lake Center has requested campers to refrain from bringing alcohol.

NBCMS Mid-Point Jam Camp

2016 Schedule



Saturday May 7th



   11:00 am             REGISTRATION

                              Pick up your name tag.

               Set up your room.

               Tune up, pull out your songbook.


 12:00 pm               LUNCH

   12:45 pm                  MEET & GREET

 in the Green Room


   1:00 pm               JAMMING STARTS

In any of the 4 Jamming rooms.

                              Jam outside on the veranda.



    5:30 pm                  SUPPER

    7:00 pm              BAND SCRAMBLE

                     No way out of this, it will be fun like it or not!


    8:45 pm              SNACK

                                   Jam, Jam, Jam and ….Jam.


Sunday May 8th


 8:00 am                 CEREAL & YOGURT – Green Room

                                         For early risers or refreshment for anyone still up jamming.


10:30 am                BRUNCH

 11:45 pm                    Still time for jamming.       



  1:30 pm                GATHER UP & SAY GOODBYE.

  2:30 pm                ON THE ROAD HOME.

Drive home pleased that you got to enjoy another weekend making music with like minded friends.






Jamming….it’s a good thing




NBCMS Mid-Point Jam Camp Payment


If you would prefer to pay via Cheque, please bring it to the jam. Cheques to be made out to "NBCMS".



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