Bluegrass 101

Bluegrass 101 

When: Every Wednesday night at 7:00pm (*)

On Wednesday nights, join bluegrass aficionados Darcy Whiteshide and Jim Storey for a free Bluegrass 101 hour.  Each week a new bluegrass song will be presented, and taught - including facets of arrangement, dynamics, role of instrumentation, hints on taking breaks and perhaps a few banjo jokes.

Take this opportunity to become acquainted with bluegrass music, how it is played, and learn a bit about how it came to be, and how it has changed over the years.

Bring your instrument (singers too!), all skill levels from beginner ( I know three chords, now what?)  to expert welcome!

(*) Bluegrass 101 will not be held on Raise the Bar, jam nights, or when other club functions coincide (ie. Annual General Meeting, Concert etc).